Basic AccessNI Check

A Basic check is the disclosure of an individual’s unspent convictions. Any employer may ask potential employees to obtain a Basic AccessNI check as part of their recruitment process. For example, if the job requires access to airside or restricted areas of airports then a Basic check is sufficient.

Standard AccessNI Check

A Standard check is the disclosure of an individual’s full criminal record, including spent and unspent convictions. Examples of positions eligible for a standard disclosure are:

  • medical practitioner
  • barrister
  • solicitor
  • dentist
  • veterinary surgeon
  • nurse
  • midwife

You should always seek legal advice if you are planning to ask an employee to obtain a Standard check.

Enhanced AccessNI Check

Sometimes an employer is legally required to obtain an Enhanced AccessNI check before employing an individual, primarily for posts that involve working with vulnerable groups including children. Employers must not knowingly employ someone who is not allowed to work in such an environment. An Enhanced check gives an individual’s full criminal history including spent and unspent convictions, cautions and any other material that the police consider might be relevant to the position applied for and should be disclosed. An employer working in these areas may refuse to employ someone who does not agree to undertake an Enhanced AccessNI check. Only organisations registered with AccessNI can apply for this service.

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