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What is an AccessNI check?

An AccessNI check covers an individualā€™s criminal history information for people working within Northern Ireland. This check is primarily to help organisations make a safer recruitment decision when employing staff. Some organisations are required by law to consider the suitability of applicants for certain positions or to ensure that they are not barred from working with vulnerable groups.

When AccessNI checks are needed

When you apply for certain types of jobs, or some voluntary positions, you may be asked to apply for a criminal history record check. Positions where you might need a check are:

  • work that involves close or regular contact with children or vulnerable adults

  • work in the Civil Service or other government body or in a government building

  • work in an airport where planes are based

  • work with controlled drugs

  • applying for a licence to drive a taxi or a public service vehicle (PSV)

  • work in certain professions including accountancy and law

What an AccessNI check includes

An AccessNI check is a criminal history record check which provides different levels of information. They will let an employer know if you have been convicted of a criminal offence or are barred from working with children or other vulnerable groups.

In some cases, a check may also include disclosure of other non-conviction information, sometimes called soft intelligence, if the police consider it is relevant for the purposes of the position being applied for.

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