AccessNI checks

The levels of check undertaken by AccessNI are Standard and Enhanced checks.

A summary of the information disclosed on each level of check is set out below along with an explanation of some of the terms used.

Level of Check

Unspent Convictions

Spent Convictions

Barred Lists

Relevant Police Information











Spent conviction

A conviction is spent if it no longer has to be declared under the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Northern Ireland) Order 1978. The aim behind the Order is to help a person who, in the past, was convicted of a criminal offence, but afterwards did not re-offend for a specified period.

This period is called the rehabilitation period, the length of which depends on the sentence the person got for the original offence.

It starts from the date of conviction and ends after a period which is specified in the Order. The Order provides that if the person does not re-offend during the rehabilitation period, his conviction will be regarded as being spent which means he does not, in most circumstances, have to reveal it or admit its existence.

Barred lists

A barred list is a list currently held by the Independent Safeguarding Authority that provides details of individuals barred from working with vulnerable groups. A check of the barred lists should only be undertaken if the position being applied for is regarded as being in 'regulated activity'. Your employer should be able to advise on this. 'Regulated activity' involves those positions required to have access to children and/or vulnerable adults, in defined circumstances.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (NI) Order 2007 defines 'regulated activity'. Further details can be found by clicking the link below.

Relevant police information

Relevant police information can include details about attempted prosecutions that were unsuccessful or behaviour that might be indicative of criminal activity. Cautions held against the applicant on the Police National Computer will be disclosed in all three levels of check.

For more details on each level of check, go to the following page:

Disclosure Certificates

The outcome of the work undertaken by AccessNI is the production of a Disclosure Certificate. Standard and enhanced disclosure certificates are sent to the applicant and the employer.

Click the link below to apply for a standard or enhanced disclosure:

AccessNI searches

For every application, AccessNI will search the Police National Computer, which contains the criminal records for England, Wales and Scotland and the Causeway criminal record viewer, which contains Northern Ireland criminal records.

For appropriate enhanced applications, AccessNI will also search the Independent Safeguarding Authority's children’s and adults list of those barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. For enhanced disclosures, AccessNI will ask PSNI (and, on occasions, other police forces in the UK) to conduct a soft intelligence search.

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