AccessNI for individuals

When applying for a job or voluntary position, the employing organisation may ask you to obtain a criminal history check or disclosure. The employer or organisation will be able to advise you which level of check is required. The fact that you cannot check yourself means that individual can have difficulty obtaining higher level Disclosures. You can only apply for a basic check directly through AccessNI without involving your employing organisation or United Medicare.

AccessNI for self-employed people

The only check available to self-employed people is the basic check obtained directly with AccessNI. Self-employed people cannot obtain standard or enhanced checks as these must be submitted through a registered body on behalf of an employing organisation who can verify that necessary documentation and conditions have been met for applying for a higher level disclosure or criminal record check.

You can see a policy statement on checks for self-employed people by clicking the link below:

Self-Employed (Department of Justice website)

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