AccessNI Standard & Enhanced Disclosure Application Form

Please download and complete the form below for either Standard or Enhanced Disclosures through AccessNI:

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Form of Agreement

The Form of Agreement has to be completed by the client before United Medicare can undertake any AccessNI application processing or return any AccessNI Disclosure results. This is a mandatory legal requirement to ensure that including the storage, access handling and usage retention and disposal of Disclosures and Information. 

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Evidence List or Acceptable Identity Documents

The documentary list of evidence required to complete the AccessNI checking is listed in this form.

Acceptable_Identity_Documents__ID_Validation_Form_V2.pdf- To download 


Continuation Sheet

A Continuation Sheet can be downloaded when necessary for completion of the AccessNI Disclosure application form for the full and complete five year address history.  Click below links to download the forms.

  1. Address History
  2. Name History

Referral Form

If you have benefited from the service provided by United Medicare then kindly refer your business acquaintances and friends so that their business can benefit as much as you have done. You can do this by a phone call or email or by downloading the Referral form

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