Access NI Checks is a trading name of United Medicare Limited that is registered with the Access Northern Ireland (AccessNI) as an umbrella body dedicated to providing fast, effective and affordable Access NI solutions for a variety of organisations across Northern Ireland. Access NI Checks is able to provide both Standard and Enhanced disclosures and registered with Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and Disclosure Scotland.

Established in 2002 we has developed a wealth of experience and established a loyal customer base thanks to our polite, friendly and experienced team committed to providing an AccessNI service which is quick, easy to use and affordable. We are dedicated to providing a superior quality service that is affordable cost-effective and prompt.

8 Reasons to choose to Access NI


Fast/Quick Service Certificates can come back within 14 working days


Administration Fee Highly Competitive


Ultra Secure ISO 27001 Security Audit


Annual Charges No Subscription Fees or Hidden Charges


Low Error Rate Due to Error Checking Facility


Supporting Clients Directly Deal with Errors and Queries


Monitor Progress To Follow up Applications


Highly Flexible Management Report and Tailored Solutions

United Medicare has its origins as a medical doctor recruitment agency that is now dedicated to providing Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland and AccessNI as an umbrella body. A low staff turnover and years of experience providing combined DBS, Disclosure Scotland and AccessNI with our existing staff forms the basic foundation for a superior service.

United Medicare is certified for quality management through ISO 9001:2000 and security audit with ISO 27001:2005. We have been a registered body for Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) which was previously called Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) since its inception from 2002.

United Medicare was successful in securing a contract for providing DBS checks for Torbay Council since 2007 that has led to reduced direct and indirect costs and faster service. We process AccessNI application forms from all other clients such as Schools, care and nursing homes, medical and dental surgeries, other medical facilities, child care facilities and other miscellaneous organisations.

What are Umbrella bodies?

An Umbrella Body is a Registered Body that provides other organisations with access to the Criminal Record Services. AccessNI Checks is a trading name of United Medicare for handling all AccessNI applications, forms and certificates for both non-registered organisations and those organisations that outsource their requirements. AccessNI Checks offer personal account management to every organisation so that our customers receive a superior service.

Security Certification – ISO 27001:2005 audit

  • Internationally recognised security standard with a wide scope.

  • Policies, Processes & procedures to manage security.

  • Completed through a UKAS accredited organisation

  • Underlies how seriously we take security.

Additional Security

  • Working towards HMG security audit.
  • Penetration testing through CESG CHECK approved provider.

Management Certification - ISO 9001:2000 audit

We have been certified since 2004 for our management processes.

Data Protection Act 1998

United Medicare is registered under and complies with all relevant Data Protection Legislation. All personal and sensitive data is only used for the purpose it is intended and we ensure it is stored in a secure environment.

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